Many people no longer carry cash.

With a card reader, your community can choose the way they want to give money. Whether it’s via Chip and PIN, or a tap of their card or phone, you’ll enabling people to give in a way that suits them.

It doesn’t stop with donations. With a card reader people can pay for wedding fees, hall hire, concert tickets, or even just tea and coffee.

Value Explanation

Value Explanation

The transaction fees from our card reader providers have been specially negotiated for Parish Buying members. The fees vary by company, the type of card being used and whether the cardholder is present or not. Full details are available when you go to register.

We ran a national trial with 60 Anglican churches from around the country, testing card readers from three different suppliers. The readers were tested several months, and we gathered feedback on how easy the churches found it to sign up, how easy the readers were to use, and what they used them for.

Following the feedback from the trial we contracted with the two suppliers now available through Parish Buying.

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