The new GoodPlate and GBx Mini

As more people are no longer carrying cash it is important for them to be able to give contactlessly in your church.

The GoodPlate

The GoodPlate has been designed as a traditional offertory plate which can be made into a contactless payment device by placing a GBx Mini into a plastic casing at the centre of the plate. The plate design enables both contactless and cash donations to be made easily alongside each other. The plate dimensions are 355mm wide by 50mm deep.

The GBx Mini

This card reader is lightweight and versatile and can be used with the GoodPlate or by itself to take donations. It works both as a contactless reader and a chip and pin device, and functions with or without connectivity. 

If you would like to order a GoodPlate or find out more, you will need to login or register with Parish Buying.