Churches can be vast spaces, and large donation units have the advantage of being more visible.

We ran a trial of our former large donation unit, the Goodbox Pro, in 10 cathedrals around England, and in Romsey Abbey. You can read the report or view a gallery of images here.

Goodbox Podium

GoodBox have built a platform that ensures that when it comes to technology, charities never have to settle.

The GBx Podium is a free-standing fundraising unit, which is ideal for museums and large public spaces. The GBx Core locks into the Podium safely and securely, enabling you to gain presence in larger spaces, the Goodbox Podium unit can currently be seen in places such as the Natural History Museum, the Tate Gallery, and several cathedrals around England. 

PayaCharity - Acceptacard

PayaCharity can incorporate their donation units into large display stands or even into furniture, with options to suit a range of budgets.

The large stands pictured can accept cash donations alongside contactless, meaning your donors can give in the way they choose. 


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