Covid-19 Supplies

A range of hygiene and cleaning supplies, together with personal protective equipment (PPE) is being made available through a PPE buying group, ensuring churches have access to fairly priced supplies that are sourced from audited supply chains to ensure quality and ethical supply.

Parish Buying is working with 2buy2 and the Crown Agents, together with three major suppliers, to support these requirements. 

Read a press release about the launch of this supply. (June 2020)

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In deciding what you should purchase please refer the Church of England’s guidance on

For Church in Wales guidance see here and here (Cymraeg)

Hygiene & Cleaning

We are working with 3 pre-approved suppliers to support churches' requirements for hygiene and cleaning supplies. Please click to find out more.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Parish Buying is working with 2buy2 and the Crown Agents to support the PPE requirements and cleaning supplies of churches throughout the UK by creating a PPE buying group.

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