Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Parish Buying is working with 2buy2 and the Crown Agents who are supporting the PPE requirements and cleaning supplies of churches throughout the UK by creating a PPE buying group, ensuring churches have access to competitively priced supplies that are sourced from audited supply chains to ensure quality and ethical supply.

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In deciding what you should purchase please refer the Church of England’s guidance on

For Church in Wales guidance see here and here (Cymraeg)


Gloves - examination, non-sterile

Gloves, examination, powder-free, non-sterile, single-use.

Gloves should have long cuffs, reaching well above the wrist, ideally to mid-forearm.

Sizes: small, medium, large


  • EU MDD Directive 93/42/EEC Category III
  • EU PPE Regulation 2016/425 Category III
  • EN 455
  • EN 374
  • ANSI/ISEA 105,
  • ASTM D6319,
  • or equivalent
Mask - Type II

Surgical mask, good breathability; internal and external faces should be clearly identified

Type II or higher.


  • EU MDD Directive 93/42/EEC Category III or equivalent
  • EN 14683 Type II, IR, IIIR
  • ASTM F2100 minimum level 1,
  • or equivalent
Particulate respirator - grade N95 or higher

N95 or FFP2 respirator, or higher

Good breathability with a design that does not collapse against the mouth (e.g. duckbill, cupshaped).


  • Minimum "N95" respirator according to FDA Class II, under 21 CFR 878.4040, and CDC NIOSH, or
  • Minimum "FFP2 according to EN 149, EU PPE
  • Regulation 2016/425 Category III,
  • or equivalent
Goggles - protective

Good seal with the skin of the face, flexible PVC frame to easily fit all face contours with even pressure, enclose eyes and the surrounding areas, accommodate wearers with prescription glasses;

clear plastic lens with fog- and scratch-resistant treatments; adjustable band to secure firmly so as not to become loose during clinical activity;

indirect venting to avoid fogging.

May be re-usable (provided appropriate arrangements for decontamination are in place) or disposable.


  • EU PPE Regulation 2016/425
  • EN 166
  • ANSI/ISEA Z87.1,
  • or equivalent
Face shield

Made of clear plastic and providing good visibility to both the wearer and the patient

Adjustable band to attach firmly around the head and fit snuggly against the forehead, fog-resistant


Completely covers the sides and length of the face. May be re-usable (made of robust material which can be cleaned and disinfected) or disposable.


  • EU PPE Regulation 2016/425
  • EN 166
  • ANSI/ISEA Z87.1,
  • or equivalent
Apron - heavy duty

Straight apron with bib,

Fabric: 100% polyester with PVC coating, or 100% PVC, or 100% rubber, or other fluid-resistant coated material.

Waterproof, sewn strap for neck and back fastening

Minimum weight: 300 g/m2

Covering size: 7090 cm (width) x 120–150 cm (height)

Reusable (provided appropriate arrangements for decontamination are in place)


  • EN ISO 13688
  • EN 14126-B and partial protection (EN 13034 or EN 14605)
  • EN 343 for water and breathability,
  • or equivalent



We are working with global procurement organsation, Crown Agents to source these goods and deliver them to you. Working with Crown Agents allows us access to supply chain experts that specialise in the procurement of PPE and logistics. 

Due Diligence

We are ensuring sources producing the good have undertaken: Financial due diligence checks; Ethical/CSR Auditing and Production site inspections. 

All goods will be inspected prior to shipment to the UK to ensure they meet the expected specifications and standards.
Responsible Procurement
We have worked with Crown Agents to develop supply chains outside of the UK healthcare sector to ensure that stocks aren't diverted from fundamental NHS and Care Sector functions.
Running an aggregated procurement allows us to pool the bulk buying power of a number of organisations to achieve greater economies of scale and obtain competitive prices.
Security of Supply
This aggregated procurement guarantees availability of product for your organisation which is crucial during times where is such high demand for PPE products.

Aggregation Timetable

EOI Deadline

The deadline for entering the 1st PPE Aggregation as now passed. The deadline for submitting Expressions of Interests for the next Aggregated Procurement is on Wednesday 29th July at 6pm.

Funds must be deposited into the holding account by this date for you to be included in the procurement exercise. If deposited after this date you will still be eligible for future aggregations. Estimated delivery is within 8 weeks.