We believe in a generous God

This video discusses how giving and generosity is at the heart of the Christian faith.

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Why contactless?

This video talks you through the need to provide a contactless donation solution in your church as less people carry cash.

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Setting up your equipment

This video is a step by step guide on to put your equipment together.

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Setting up your tablet

This video contains a series of short instructional chapters on all aspects of setting up your tablet.

1. Set up your tablet for donations
2. Create a SumUp Account
3. Inserting the SIM card and getting online
4. Connecting to WiFi
5. Setting up a campaign in Give A Little
6. Pairing your cardreader with your tablet

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How to make a donation

This video talks you through the process of making a contactless donation.

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Making the most of your equipment

This video talks you through how best to promote your contactless donation equipment.

1. Promoting your cardreader/poster unit
2. Gift Aid 

3. Upgrade to Premium
4. Download Gift Aid report
5. Running donation reports
6. Segmenting payments in your SumUp account.

* Download and print off this form giving donors the option to claim Gift Aid on their contactless donations.
You will need to open this on a desktop computer as the tablet does not have access to Adobe Reader.

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Give A Little - Premium version

This video talks you through the creative features available on the Premium version of the Give A Little app.

1. Introducing Premium version
2. Background colour and image campaign
3. Banner campaign
4. Background campaign
5. Video campaign

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Governance and Management

This document is a common-sense approach to the issues arising from the use of contactless card readers in churches.

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