GWD Donation Stations

Enabling their generosity, supporting your church, improving our world

The Donation Station by GWD is designed to help your church increase the number of donations received, as well as adding value to those donations. By giving donors the option to input their personal data you will be able to build a relationship with your donors after they have donated. You will also have the option to create a short video which will play before reaching the pay points page, this way giving the donor a better understanding about why they are donating. 

All the GWD contactless devices come with a range of standard features, which include:

  • collecting Gift Aid declarations
  • email receipts
  • donor intro presentation
  • cause selection

The GWD portal is easy to use, and you can easily view your transaction reports, Gift Aid reports and donor contact information.

The Donation Station is available in a variety of sizes, including a minimalist wall-mounted device, flexible counter-top device and a floor standing device that gives the best possible visibility in your church. Each device has the option to affix a chip and pin device for an additional cost.

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We're really pleased with our donation station, it's very visible and our visitors find it user friendly, so it's getting a lot of use. There are times when our staff and volunteers are not able to ask visitors for donations, so it's great to have a machine that will do that for us.

Isabel Merrifield, Business Manager

Coventry Cathedral