Online Giving for your Church

Online giving enables people to give to your church through the internet without having to visit your church building. It is simple to set up an online giving account, and once you have set up your account you will be able to link it to your church website or social media page, making it easy for people to give.

Why do I need online giving?

As our church buildings are not being visited or used as they normally are, being able to receive donations through online giving has never been more crucial. At Parish Buying we have developed an online giving service for churches.

Why sign up with this service?

By signing up to this online giving service you will receive free access to the Premium membership until 31 December. This free Premium membership has been provided by the Archbishops’ Council and is available for the online giving platform only.

Premium Membership allows givers to make a Gift Aid declaration when they are making their donation.

Please note - at the end of the year the Premium membership will revert back to the standard amount, which is £10 per month paid monthly (inc VAT), or £108 paid annually (inc VAT). If you prefer not to continue with the Premium membership you can change your membership to the basic version which has no charge but you don't need to worry about this until December 2020.

What is the transaction rate?

The online giving service uses SumUp as a transaction processor. You might have heard of SumUp if you have a card reader as this is a service they also provide.

At Parish Buying we have a special rate of 1.95% per transaction which we believe is the best value rate in the market. 

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