CollecTin More including SumUp Reader and Secure Mount

The CollecTin More is a simple and inexpensive way to collect contactless donations.

Donors can select from up to six suggested amounts, chosen by you, or choose their own amount to give. The unit can be placed in a secure mount that is attached to a wall or removed for handheld use. The battery included in the package gives up to six hours of mobile collecting, or it can be plugged in for continuous use.

The standard Give a Little app is pre-installed on the unit but through Parish Buying you can access the premium version free of charge until 31 December 2022. The premium version allows the collection of Gift Aid declarations, as well as the display of images and videos on thank you screens. 

To access the premium version for free you must register through these links:

This package includes a SumUp reader, secure mount kit, removable rechargeable battery, lanyard, charging cable, padlock, metal slip and an unactivated SIM card.

If you choose to use it, the SIM card facilitates online connectivity without needing to connect to wifi. It is, however, recommend that you use wifi for e.g. installing updates to the Give a Little app, to avoid using too much of the mobile data allowance in one go.

Other compatible accessories available:

Transaction Rates on this unit use the standard Parish Buying SumUp rates which can be viewed here.

Safety features:

Once the CollecTin More is inserted into the secure mount, you slide a piece of metal (which comes with the package) between the handle and back of the screen, which locks in place with the padlock. By doing this, the unit cannot be removed without the padlock being opened.

If you would not like the SumUp reader to be able to be unclipped from inside the lid, you can request permanent adhesive tape from the supplier to stop this, but it will mean that the reader cannot ever be removed.

Important information:

Click here to read a guide on how to get started with your CollecTin device and troubleshoot any issues. A physical instruction sheet will also arrive with your device.

Please find more information on the CollecTin support page here.


Internet ConnectionNeeded
Transactions over £100 - chip and pinYes
Fixed locationYes
Floor standingNo
Works out of the boxYes
Gift AidYes
GASDS or paperYes
Suitable for use in an unattended buildingYes
Price categoryLow price (£0-£350)