PayaCharity A920 Plus

The PayaCharity A920 Plus is an attractive and convenient option for receiving donations in a church building that does not have Wi-Fi or mobile phone signal.

The PayaCharity A920 Plus works without connectivity using a 4G SIM card of any network and can also store transactions without a phone SIM card that would be processed when the unit connects to a Wi-Fi signal.

If you choose to use it, the SIM card facilitates online connectivity without needing to connect to wifi. It is, however, recommend that you use wifi for e.g. installing updates to the phone, to avoid using too much of the mobile data allowance in one go.

Key features:

  • Works without an internet connection
  • The device can be fully branded using your church’s logo

In addition to the one-off fee for set up and configuration, this unit has a monthly rental fee for a minimum of 12 months which will then turn into a 30-day rolling fee.

Purchasing this product will show that you understand that aggregate information on the number of transactions and total value by account will be shared with the Church’s National Stewardship Team by Payacharity to measure the success of the app. No personal information will be shared.

For more information on how your data is used, please review the privacy policies of Payacharity ( and Parish Buying (



Internet ConnectionNot Needed
Transactions over £100 - chip and pinYes
Fixed locationNo
Floor standingNo
Works out of the boxYes
Gift AidNo
GASDS or paperYes
Suitable for use in an unattended buildingNo
Price categoryLow price (£0-£350)