Net Zero 2030

The Church of England’s General Synod has set new targets for all parts of the church to work to become carbon ‘net zero’ by 2030. At its February 2020 meeting, members voted in favour of a revised date encouraging all parts of the Church of England to take action and ramp-up efforts to reduce emissions. 

As a solution to this target, we are in the development of a suite of net zero solutions that will be rolled out during the course of 2022.

Through the net zero offerings, your church(es) will be able to demonstrate how you are achieving these targets, how your carbon reduction is having a positive impact on the environment, and can often reduce your outgoings by replacing conventional utility sources with ‘green’ alternatives.

Click here to find out what using Parish Buying on your Net Zero journey will provide you with.
  • A framework that has been procured by 2buy2 who have over 11 years of procurement expertise.
  • Access to pre-vetted and qualified suppliers in terms of experience, technical ability, and financial stability
  • Peace of mind that the agreement will be managed closely by 2buy2.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Ongoing support from 2buy2 throughout the duration.
  • Warranties on labour and installations.
  • Supporting to develop a National offering of Net Zero solutions.
  • Assurance that suppliers share the same goal of Net Zero 2030.
  • Robust supplier management.

This combined effort will take time to make the change, so act now! Changes are already happening in your area which can be seen on the Government's Local Authority CO2 emissions breakdown for 2018.

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